Need Weed Control and Fertilizing for Your Fescue Grass?

Fescue grass is now growing and the critical time to apply weed control and fertilize is now. If you have a Fescue lawn please call about our year round lawn care programs. We look forward to building a trusted relationship with you.

Weed Treatment for Your Year Round Program

Don’t miss our Special Offers. Get Help With Common Issues Like Weeds. Our image to the left is our warm weather grass with no weeds. Image to the right is our warm weather lawn treated for weeds and neighbor’s next door lawn is full of weeds. Call Us today at (770) 794-7444 for your year round program.

Introducing Our Powerful Weed Control Applications

Is your lawn overrun with weeds and crabgrass? Let the lawn care specialists at Maple Leaf Lawn Care and Pest Control introduce you to our powerful and effective weed control applications. For more than a decade we have been fighting the good fight against weeds and producing flawless lawns. Let our lawn care pros rise to the challenge and transform your landscape.