Protect Your Family From Mosquitoes and Lawn Pests This Summer!

Summer has arrived. Maple Leaf Lawn and Pest Control has programs to protect your family from mosquitoes and lawn pests. Call today (770) 794-7444 or visit our page for additional details. Remember to ask our technicians about bundling your lawn services for discounts.

Care Programs for Your Atlanta, GA Lawn

The dog days of Summer are coming and it’s time for a little turf TLC to keep your lawn looking fine. Maple Leaf Lawn and Pest has the perfect care programs to put into action for your Atlanta, GA lawn.
Early Summer:
Maple Leaf Lawn and Pest does not mow, but make sure you or your mowing service mow high. Taller blades help grass develop deeper roots that are better at seeking out water underground. We feed your lawn in the early summer which helps strengthen the lawn so it can better withstand the heat and drought conditions that Summer is famous for in the Atlanta area. We have the perfect blend of Summer fertilizers for your lawn. Please call (770) 794-7444 or visit our Turf Management Page for additional details.

Proper Lawn Care During the Summer Heat

Summer heat is here and proper lawn care is more important then ever. Call (770) 794-7444 today to speak with the experts at Maple Leaf Lawn and Pest to protect your lawn this summer. You must treat for Grubs and Fungus right away if you see brown patches in your lawn. Maple Leaf has great discounts when you bundle lawn care services. Please check out our website for additional details.

50% Off Your First Lawn Care Application

Canton, Cumming, Jasper, and Holly Spring residents, call (770) 794-7444 or text us (770) 318-8417 us today and get 50% Off your first service. When you get a Turf Management Program from Maple Leaf, you will see immediate results. Let our technicians give you the green, weed-free lawn that you always wanted. Please check out our website for all our lawn care and pest control programs.

Our Treatments to Eliminate Beetles and Other Lawn Pests

If you see toothpick-like strands protruding up to 1.5 inches from your ornamental, fruit, and nut trees, significant damage can occur very quickly. You have Ambrosia Beetles, Xylosandrus crassiusculus, which were introduced to South Carolina from Asia in the early 1970s. They have since spread throughout the Southeast.
The strands of boring dust are produced by the female beetle as she excavates her gallery. The strands are fragile and are easily broken off by wind or rain leaving only pencil-lead sized holes. Individual plants may contain from one to hundreds of individual beetles.
If you see these toothpick-like strands on your woody stems of trees, call (770) 794-7444 Maple Leaf Lawn and Pest today, do not wait. Maple Leaf has a treatment to eliminate these pests and has bundled programs to care for all your ornamental trees and shrubs. Please visit our website for details.

Maple Leaf Will Make Your Lawn Green and Beautiful This Year

Does your lawn look like a flock of turkeys live there. If so, call Maple Leaf Lawn and Pest. We will chase those turkeys away and make your lawn green and beautiful this year. 50% Off first lawn service when you bundle with us. We also chase away and kill termites and lawn pests. Please call (770) 794-7444 today for pricing.

Bundle Your Lawn Services and Receive 50% OFF Your First Service!

If your neighbor’s yard looks dead like the brown grass we see across the street in our picture, it is time to call Maple Leaf Lawn and Pest! Bundle your lawn services and receive 50% OFF your first service. Maple Leaf Lawn and Pest offers Turf Management programs to ensure you have the best looking lawn on the block. Call today (770) 794-7444 today for pricing or visit our page for addition details.

We Offer a 100% Risk-Free Guarantee for Your Bundled Turf Management Services!

Maple Leaf Lawn and Pest offers a 100% Risk Free Guarantee!
You do the mowing and let Maple Leaf Lawn and Pest take care of your lawn and plants. We offer Bundled Turf Management services that includes eight (8) applications and 50% OFF your first lawn service.  Call us today (770) 794-7444 for pricing and visit our website for additional details. 

Our Mosquito Treatment Special When You Sign Up for the Full Termite Program

Maple Leaf Lawn and Pest offers tailored mosquito control programs to protect your family and friends when they are enjoying your outdoor living spaces. Click on our Coupons website page link below for more details.

“Mosquito Treatment Special”
In addition, a 365 Day Warranty. Offers cannot be combined with any other offer.

Call us anytime (770) 794-7444 for a FREE customized estimate at your location!

Maple Leaf’s Lawn and Pest Special Offers and Bundled Programs

Maple Leaf Lawn and Pest is saving your neighbors money on Bundled Programs. Please review Maple Leaf’s Lawn and Pest Special Offers to see how much you can save.
Bundled Programs
$$$$ Big Discounts $$$$
  • Lawn Care
  • Weed Control
  • Tree and Shrub Care
  • Fungus Control
  • Pest Control
  • Mosquito Control
  • Termite Control
Also Includes Many House Pests like Ants and Roaches! 365 Day Warranty.
Offers cannot be combined with any other offer. Call us anytime (770) 794-7444 for a FREE estimate at your location! Please check out all Special Offers on our website.