Fall Care for Your Lawn in Marietta, GA

Fall is rapidly approaching and your lawn requires Fall care. Fall is also a great time to kill several types of lawn weeds, including clover and dandelion. We can do both jobs at once. Maple Leaf’s 8-Application program insures your lawn receives the proper nutrients.
Early Fall Application:
Bermuda / Zoysia: We apply a pre-emergent for Poa Annua, and a winter root fertilizer, broadleaf weed control is applied as needed.
Fescue: We apply a granular fertilizer to promote healthy plants and new seedling development.
Middle Fall Application:
Bermuda / Zoysia / St. Augustine: We apply a pre-emergent for Poa Annua, and a winter root fertilizer, broadleaf weed control is applied as needed.
Fescue: We apply a granular fertilizer to promote color, stimulate root development, and improve health.
Late Fall Application:
Bermuda / Zoysia: We apply a granular lime to balance out the Ph in the soil, allowing for better uptake of nutrients. A broadleaf weed control is applied as needed.
Fescue: We apply a granular fertilizer to promote color, stimulate root development, and improve health. We also apply lime
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Maple Leaf Lawn Service Specialists Are Ready To Service Your Lawn!

Maple Leaf lawn service specialists have more than 20 years of experience in the lawn care industry, and our lawn service programs below are specifically designed for the Atlanta region. It is own goal to really know our customers and create a relationship built on trust and communication.

Eradicate weeds – A pre-emergent application designed to prevent new weeds from growing is coupled with a post-emergent treatment that eradicates those already existing.

Promote grass health – We strictly use fertilizers that are custom-blended for Georgia lawns and the Georgia climate.

Balance soil pH – A once-yearly application of limestone will be provided to lower soil acidity and help your lawn use the fertilizer more efficiently.

Control insects – Subscribers to our Turf Management Programs can purchase insect control services that help fight off fire ants, mosquitoes, termites and other pesky insects that can damage grass or be a nuisance to people and pets.

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Your Relationship Builder for Your Lawn Care and Weed Control

Maple Leaf Lawn and Pest is a locally veteran owned and operated lawn care company, providing environmentally responsible lawn fertilization, weed control, and integrated pest management services in Marietta, GA and surrounding areas. Our employees are backed by decades of experience. We know what it takes to make your lawn green and healthy.
We live and work in your community, and take pride in the fact that we are “Your Relationship Builder”, building the business one customer at a time. All of our services can be bundled. Call (770) 794-7444 today for pricing, specials and details.
· Fertilization
· Weed Control
· Mosquito and Tick Control
· Crabgrass Control
· Bermuda & Crabgrass Control
· Mechanical Core Aeration
· Overseeding
· Grub Prevention & Control
· Lawn Disease Control
· Fire Ant Management
· Termite Control

Keeping Your Turf Green with Our Lawn Care Programs

Atlanta home owners, the Summer extreme heat is now and can do permanent damage to our lawns. The cost of re-seeding is very expensive. Call Maple Leaf Lawn and Pest to discuss lawn care programs we have to protect your grass during the hot Summer months.
Call us today (770) 794-7444 for pricing and details. Maple Lawn and Pest desires to build a lasting relationship for years to protect and keep your turf green.

Our Bundled Lawn Programs for Your St. Augustine Grass Lawn

St. Augustine grass, sometimes referred to as Charleston grass, is a coarse-textured, spreading grass that is popular throughout the Atlanta area. It will turn brown with Fall freezes and will be slow to green in the Spring. That’s where Maple Leaf comes to the rescue. Our bundled lawn programs ensure your St. Augustine grass lawn is maintained year round.
Maple Leaf Lawn Care monitors the weather when the turf is coming out of dormancy in early Autumn and when the first frost is forecasted in the late Fall. We will adjust our Turf Management practices on the year’s climate. Please call (770) 794-7444 or text (770) 318-1847 today for a free estimate.

Protect Your Family From Mosquitoes and Lawn Pests This Summer!

Summer has arrived. Maple Leaf Lawn and Pest Control has programs to protect your family from mosquitoes and lawn pests. Call today (770) 794-7444 or visit our page for additional details. Remember to ask our technicians about bundling your lawn services for discounts.

Proper Lawn Care During the Summer Heat

Summer heat is here and proper lawn care is more important then ever. Call (770) 794-7444 today to speak with the experts at Maple Leaf Lawn and Pest to protect your lawn this summer. You must treat for Grubs and Fungus right away if you see brown patches in your lawn. Maple Leaf has great discounts when you bundle lawn care services. Please check out our website for additional details.

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Residents of Marietta, Holly Springs, Roswell, Canton, Cumming, Cartersville and all of Northern Atlanta, GA, please check out our new Home Page design. Per your request, we have built a shortened email form on the Home Page to make getting in touch with us quick. You can still use the long version email form on the website.
Either way, our quote is FREE with no obligation. As Your Relationship Builder, our desire is to partner with you to make your lawn and yard the envy of the neighborhood. Maple Leaf’s greatest desire is to put a big smile on you and all your family’s faces. Please call us (770) 794-7444 today to discuss our bundled programs and savings. Thank you for your business.

Memorial Day Weekend is Fast Approaching – And So Are Those Nasty Mosquitoes!

Atlanta, GA residents kick off the Summer Season with protection from mosquitoes and all those yard pests using Maple Leaf Lawn and Pest bundled programs. Protect your family all summer from Ants, Ticks, Spiders and Mosquitoes. As mosquitoes become more active, it is important to take proper precautions to avoid mosquito bites and possible disease.
And remember your first lawn service is 50% OFF when you bundle. Call us (770) 794-7444 for pricing or check out our website for additional details.

Maple Leaf Will Make Your Lawn Green and Beautiful This Year

Does your lawn look like a flock of turkeys live there. If so, call Maple Leaf Lawn and Pest. We will chase those turkeys away and make your lawn green and beautiful this year. 50% Off first lawn service when you bundle with us. We also chase away and kill termites and lawn pests. Please call (770) 794-7444 today for pricing.