Our Treatments to Eliminate Beetles and Other Lawn Pests

If you see toothpick-like strands protruding up to 1.5 inches from your ornamental, fruit, and nut trees, significant damage can occur very quickly. You have Ambrosia Beetles, Xylosandrus crassiusculus, which were introduced to South Carolina from Asia in the early 1970s. They have since spread throughout the Southeast.
The strands of boring dust are produced by the female beetle as she excavates her gallery. The strands are fragile and are easily broken off by wind or rain leaving only pencil-lead sized holes. Individual plants may contain from one to hundreds of individual beetles.
If you see these toothpick-like strands on your woody stems of trees, call (770) 794-7444 Maple Leaf Lawn and Pest today, do not wait. Maple Leaf has a treatment to eliminate these pests and has bundled programs to care for all your ornamental trees and shrubs. Please visit our website for details.