Common Weed Types You May Find in Your Lawn This Spring

Spring begins this Sunday. The below lawn weeds are really going to wake up and it’s time for Maple Leaf Lawn and Pest to kill them dead before they spread. You get 50% OFF your first lawn service when signing up with our lawn care program.
  • Clover is the most common low growing weed.
  • Crabgrass is fast-moving, able to sprawl across your entire yard in the blink of an eye.
  • Dandelions grow most of the year and require a tireless and persistent weed control program. Because of their floating seeds, these weeds are incredibly difficult to control and fight healthy grass for vital nutrients and space.
  • Thistles are an invasive weed species that exert negative effects on your lawn and garden and you don’t want to step on one with no shoes.
  • Nutsedge is a very difficult perennial weed to kill and can survive and reproduce in the most lawn conditions. Maple Leaf Lawn Care will kill them.
  • Dallisgrass is a durable perennial that spreads and thrives in most Atlanta lawns. Once established in your lawn, seeds will be abundant in the soil and flourish in any open areas of the turf.
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